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Brud Studia is a design studio established by Mitchell Zurek and Andrew Kelly, who collaborate on one-of-a-kind and limited-edition furniture and objects. Combining primitive construction methods with contemporary and digital design techniques, Brud Studia creates conceptual pieces with a Brutalist aesthetic.


(est. 2020) — Melbourne, Australia

“You don't move a tree, you move around it“

               Brud Studia is a furniture and object design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 2020 by local design duo Mitchell Zurek and Andrew Kelly, it combines brutalist, often primitive design methods with contemporary and absurdist ideologies.

The works of Brud Studia are made with simple and direct intentions: sanding, slotting and hammering. Combined with technology, these rudimentary methods become the language of the finished object. Expressed joints, jagged profiles and intersecting planes in laser-cut aluminium imbue Brud Studia’s work with a sculpted and experimental sensibility, toeing the line between art and function.

As partners in practice and life, Mitchell and Andrew’s creative process is one of both harmony and hostility. The duality of both designers can be seen across each piece; moments of peace, war and the strain placed on their relationship translates to their physical objects. Brud Studia’s expressive forms are largely sculpted from the conflict between Mitchell’s minimalist ideals and Andrew’s absurdist concepts. This sense of tension has become an integral part of the design process, translated in form, scale and dimension as an abstract expression of their state of being.

Brud Studia continue to explore their practice across sculptural and conceptually driven objects, eschewing commercial imperatives in favour of experimenting through their practice as a love language to each other.

For enquiries, please contact

Annika Kkafcaloudis